hot/cold RO water purifiers

Min. Order:1000 pc
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★ Automatic washing, pure water while ensuring the effective guarantee of membrane life;

★ filter bottle material used PP material, strong anti-pollution, easily oxidized, long service life, the pressure and other tests have passed NSF testing standards;

★ high quality filter, purifying effect is remarkable.

★ automatic control, intelligent flushing, effectively remove the membrane trapped under the matter, to ensure pure water while effectively extend the use of the film;

★ are made of food grade material, to prevent secondary pollution, environmental protection, safety and health;

★ Water Quality in line with "drinking water health and safety and functional assessment process specification - reverse osmosis treatment apparatus" (2001)


Product Standard:

50G Rui Shi Quan booster pump electrical solenoid valve

Neutral mark (brand need to contact customer service) Other accessories:

Stainless steel water-way valve + 1 set; 2 points PE pipe 5 meters;

Manual, warranty card, certificate 1; plug 5;

Product labels 2 parts; a leading coupon.

Five cartridge filter combinations:

First level: 5 micron PP fiber: non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene particles, through heating and melting, spinning, traction, receiving molding material. Of raw water to remove sediment, suspended solids, colloids, iron embroidery, particulate filtration area and dirt holding capacity, good effect.

The second stage: Imported coconut shell activated carbon particles: absorption all kinds of residual contaminants, effective filtration of water color, odor, chlorine, chloroform and basic organic chemistry to make the water reach the odorless and colorless carbon rods by extrusion micro. hole trapping very fine particles, colloids, suspended solids and so on.

Third stage: Imported RO membrane: the complete removal of bacteria, viruses, E. coli and other impurities, filtration precision millionth microns;

Fourth grade: activated carbon antibacterial calcification: further in-depth removal of odor, chlorine and bacteria, suppress bacteria regeneration, to prevent secondary pollution of drinking water, to ensure water quality fresh and delicious, resorted to water taste glycol.

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